The first Todai Restaurant opened in Santa Monica in 1985. By 1997, ten Todai Restaurants were in business in major Southern California cities such as Glendale, Orange, Woodland Hills, and Studio City recognizing the potential for growth and the viability of an International seafood & sushi buffet business concept, several investors formed Todai Franchising LLC in 1997 and began franchising the concept. In 1998, TFL was restructured under the new leadership of Mr. Hans Kim as CEO. Under his leadership, the company opened the first company-owned store in San Jose, CA in 1998 and the first overseas store in Hong Kong in 2002. In 2006, TFL assigned its intellectual property as well as franchisor rights to Todai SSB, Inc. Todai SSB, Inc. continuesto grow the Todai concept, bringing new Todai restaurant worldwide, from Seoul Korea to Singapore.

As of November 2010, there are twenty seven Todai restaurant operating worldwide, including Hawaii, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore


1985 Todai opens 1st location in Southern California and introduces the concept of All-You-Can Eat Suchi & Seafood Buffet
1997 10 Todai Restaurants are opened in major Southern California Cities
1998 Todai opens first company-owned store in San Jose, California
1999 Todai opens first out-of-state location in Honolulu, Hawaii
2000 Todai is opened in Portland, Oregon and Houston, Texas
2003 1st international Todai opens in Hong Kong as Todai begins franchising in Asia
2004 Todai opens in Fairfax, Virginia
2005 Todai introduces Toby’s E-club, an online customer loyalty program to promote to frequent diners of Todai
2006 Todai Daechi opened in Seoul, Korea (1st Todai in South Korea)
2007 Todai Samsungdong COEX opened in Seoul, Korea
Todai Beijing opened in China (1st Todai in China)
2008 Todai Seonyeon opened in Busan,Korea
Todai Mokdong opened in Seoul, Korea
Todai Cheonam opened in Korea
Todai Myoungdong opened in Seoul, Korea
Todai Jeonju opened in Korea
2009 Todai Centum City opened in Busan, Korea
Todai Gwangju opened in Korea
Todai Pyeongchon opened in Korea
Todai Qingdao opened in China
Todai Bundang opened in Korea
Todai Marina Bay Sands in Singapore